Hats and costume designer, Paris

9 September, 2017

Thank you so much for this absolutely wonderful collection of beautiful hats from all over the world. 

Vive la difference!!

Lloyd and stephen

14 June, 2017

An amazing collection, preserving rich cultural variability, thank you so much

Melissa, London, UK

16 April, 2017

Beautiful & interesting museum! I would definitely come again! smiley

Mich, Zania & Oats from Netherlands & Finland

16 April, 2017

Wonderful to see hats, hats & more hats!

Tom, Hannah & Katie (London, UK)

12 April, 2017

What a "top" museum! We had a "beret" good time. We will recommend it to some other people.

Tim Hugeny, Renata Ctnoja

7 April, 2017

We were really glad to find this lovely museum. We come from Coblenz, Germany and playing in a Jazz Band called "The Third Hat Trio". Looking forward to wear hats on every piece of our body!

Kristin, San Francisco, USA

5 April, 2017

Superb interesting and unique! So many intrigued and beautiful ways to interpret a hat around the world.

Dean, Danny & Pat (London, Manchester, UK)

11 March, 2017

Amazing collection of hats, wonderful staff and can't wait to return to see more weird and exotic items!! Love from England

Pini E. Israel-the-Holy-Land

11 March, 2017

Charming and interesting place. Warm welcome and an important hats collections. Strongly recommended!

Travellers from Ukraine

11 March, 2017

Very interesting museum, full of surprises and facts that weren"t known before. Big thanks to the staff and museum founder!:)

Travellers from Ukraine

9 January, 2017

Very interesting museum, full of surprises and facts that weren"t  known before. Big thanks to the staff and museum founder! :)

Thank you!!! :)

Алекс Свитт

8 December, 2016

Большое спасибо за интересный и познавательный музей. Создателям, авторам и творческим людям - низкий поклон.

С уважением, журналист - любитель. 


June Cheddar, England, U.K.

28 September, 2016

Absolutely fantastic display. A little gem of a museum, very educational.

Best Wishes.


7 August, 2016

What a wonderful collection!  Very nice museum. HATS!

Keeper/intendant/Museum of Cultures/National Museum of Finland

2 May, 2016

Thank you for a very interesting exhibition! Good that you have texts telling details and use of the headdresses! 

Sara from Washington D.C.

2 May, 2016

Cool museum! I should bring North American native headdresses! 

Kire, Sydney Australia

2 May, 2016

Hats off to this museum! Great insight into cultural headwear! Definitely need to add the Australian cork hat soon! 

Nadia, Los Angeles

4 April, 2016

Great exhibit!! Thanks!

Beth + cucy

29 March, 2016

Great collection of hats! Friendly staff - an enjoyable trip! 


Beth & Leny

29 March, 2016

Really interesting :) Had a really good time! 


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