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8 World-Famous Historical Hats



Hats have been used throughout history to convey meaning—whether as a status symbol, a political statement, or simply for sartorial style. 

The Fashion, Flora and Flair of Chinese Headwear

China: Through the Looking Glass, was an recent exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum, NYC which I was fortunate to have seen before it closed. For centuries, China has inspired the imagination and many fashion designers turned to the East for inspiration.

The Akha Headdress: Iconic Ethnicity

Their magnificent headdress makes the Akha one of the most recognizable, iconic ethnic groups in Southeast Asia. We take a closer look at their traditional garb...

This Toad Kept Coming To This Guy’s Porch, So He Started Making Him Tiny Hats

When the little boy of 43-year-old Chris Newsome’s friend lost his frog, the man decided to do something quirky, unexpected and toad-ally amazing – start taking pictures of a toad with a hat to cheer the little fellow up.

The art of drinking tea: China

Tea was and remains a central piece in the Asian cultures, especially in China where it first originated.

Huichol indians, their art and symbols

Huichol indians – the proud Indigenous people seen around Puerto Villarte in their colorful embroidered clothing.

Journey to Northern Korea

One of the journeys that K. Babaev had and described in his website was to Northern Korea. You can read his observations by following this link (in Russian language): http://tours.babaev.net/?page=travels&id=65

What to read on rainy summer evenings?

The website vozduh.afisha.ru published the list of the most interesting books that everyone should read. This list has also a book "What is Africa" written by the founder of the museum "The world of hat" Kirill Babaev and Alexandra Arkhangelskaya. Get to know Afica! 

The biggest turban in the world

Interesting, how it would feel to wear every day about 45 kilos on your head? Article from "Patron" magazine # February 2015.

The most beautiful tribe in Afrika

At the North-West of Namibia, not far from Kokolanda lives the tribe named Himba. For the long time it has been closed for the outside World.

Traditional headware: introduction to study and classification

(Article of K. Babaev for the magazine "Theory of Fashion", № 19, 2011, p. 283-291) Available only in Russian


Однажды во время путешествия по русскому Северу на деревенском празднике я обратился к старушке-лопарке:

Russian women's headdresses of the 16th century

An interesting story about ancient and almost forgotten Russian women's headware (in Russian only):



Sorcerers against their will. The interview by Kirill Babaev to “Patron” magazine (April 2014).

“The notion of supernatural does not exist for the African. He or she does not comprehend the meaning of the expression “in the afterlife”.