New arrivals

New hats from Indonesia

February was the month of great gifts in our museum! This time we received headdresses from Indonesia. It is interesting that the one with the open top is designed for the noble persons, but the one which covers the top of the head - for ordinary peasants. 21st century.


Gifts from Jewish Community of Latvia

We have the honour to introduce two hats which were offered to us by the Jewish Community of Latvia.

The headdress of a Sioux warrior is in our collection now!

A unique exhibit - both a historical artefact and a masterpiece of art - has appeared in our collection.

Chi-Wara (Bambara)

Chi-Wara (Bambara)

A rare type of the horizontal chi-wara: the headdress of male dancers which symbolizes the Antelope-Man who once taught people how to cultivate soil. This varity of the chi-wara is characteristic for the Bamako region. Mali, early 20th cent.

New dancer's haddreses from Africa

From left: Dancer's headdress (Sepik river people)

The antique schlappe from Switzerland

During a weekend stroll along the streets of the Alpine town of Appenzell in Switzerland we were lucky to discover and, after a short but unsuccessful bargain, to purchase this unique exhibit for The World of Hat.

Collection of Traditional Shoes of Dr. Alexandra Arkhangelskaya

To make our museum even more coloured, we have turned to a prominent African scholar, Dr.