Your event at our museum

Those who are bored by corporate parties at a yacht, birthday parties at Cote d'-Azur, jubilees and weddings at the beach in Majori – we offer you to spend your holiday at the museum “The World of Hat”.

To say that it would be a memorable event is to say nothing at all. We will assist you in organizing the evening in the best possible manner, and so that memories of it stay with you forever our operator will capture the moments of you and your guests wearing the most amazing headdresses from our collection.



For just married

Let the best day of your family life (the first one, naturally) will impress you with colourful costumes, ancient traditions and exotic headware from the collection of The World of Hat museum. We invite all couples to pass through the wedding rituals of the world in our museum.

The ceremony costs EUR 50 plus entry tickets for your guests. Duration 1.5 hours. The ceremony should be ordered in advance. You can reach us on the telephone +371 206 206 00 or e-mail: