Russia, Chuvashia

The Chuvash girl’s headdress, which is called ‘tuhya’ sort of repeats the rounded contours of the head, standing out only by a high beaded knobble. The deep hemispherical skullcap made ​​on the dense basis and embroidered with beads, covers the forehead to the eyebrows. It was customary to hang the most expensive coins onto the tuhya, such as silver rubles or 50-kopeck silver coins. Beaded pendants with small coins at the ends hanging from the tuhya were framing the face. Below the same role performed rounded neck ornaments. Beads used were only of warm colors: red, yellow, and white. Cold colors such as blue, were considered a symbol of death. After marriage a woman would change the tuhya for a more expensive headdress called the hushpa. Russia, Chuvashia, late 20th cent.