Suklong is a small round cap with a flat or convex top, common among the peoples of the island of Luzon. Made from durable plant fibers, its weaving is so strong that it can withstand tropical downpour. The suklong is only worn by men. Its primary function is to serve as a "pocket" for carrying matches, tobacco and pipes and is secured to the head by means of a string anchored within the hairline or carried across the forehead. It's secondary function is to designate a man's marital status. Bachelors wear the more decorative version with red, yellow, black strips of rattan, dog's teeth, boar's tusks, shells, tiny beads and even ordinary shirt buttons. The married man's suklong is a simple, plain, undecorated hemispherical or beehive shaped basket. Our exibit it thoroughly decorated with three stripes of painted red cane on the crown and the feathers. A button on the top was carefully cut from the bark. Philippines, The Mountain Province Benguet.