Mongolia, Buryatia
Mongols, Buryats

This headpiece is common among the Mongols and Buryats (the latter call it shobogor): a peaked hat with vertical stitching of the quilted crown is considered the headdress of the llamas and those old ladies who made ​​vow of holiness (the shabgansa). This hat was compulsory for a boy of the age of 5, where he was about to be sent to the datsan. Similar hats can be found among the Buryat of Selenga, Dzhidinsky, and Kyahtinsky regions of Transbaikal, where there were settlements of the Sartuly and other natives of Mongolia, as well as in the Turkic-speaking peoples of the Sayan – Altai, Tuva and Altai. The hats are worn by all: men, women, and children. The obligatory decoration of the peaked hat-tops is the zaala (tassels of red silk thread), the zhenshe (knot ​​of red silk cord) and the denze (metal top). In Kazakhstan, a similar hat is called saukele. Mongolia.