Yemeni Arabs

Huge shawls made from the finest wool with hand embroidery in silk are the pride of any Yemeni. At the autumn festival of Eid, he would certainly put on a new lounge suit (the tag on the sleeve indicates a recent purchase and it would never be ripped off), a gold-embroidered belt with a Jambi (Jambia), a curved dagger, while the shawl can be worn on the head or on the shoulder or around the neck. It can be tied in a special way, but you can just put it on the head when it is folded. And you can put in it, as if it were a sack, huge packages of khat, a soft drugs, the daily joy of Yemenis. Each region has its own inherent coloring and finishing of the headscarf; in Marib it is black and golden embroidery.