India, Zanskar

The traditional women's costume for special occasions in the Indian Himalayan regions of Ladakh and Zanskar always includes the perak, which is a magnificent headdress made of sheep skin and fur. In Ladakh they decorate it with large treated stones of turquoise, as seen in this video. The perak from Zanskar is decorated with rows of lapis lazuli, because it is produced in neighboring Pamir and Badakhshan, it is considered less chic than turquoise, which was originally imported here from distant China. The perak, shows esteem and wealth of the woman wearing and it was passed on from mother to daughter, certain samples have the history of more than one century. However, poverty forces families to sell their heirlooms to antique shops of Lech, where this perak was purchased, unfortunately without silver pins, which keep it on the head. India.