Flower Hmong

The Flower or Striped Hmong living in the province of Lao Cai of northern Viet Nam, are so named because of bright colors of their national costume. Interestingly enough, in contrast to many other peoples of the world, the inhabitants of these places wear richly and intricately ornamented clothing not only on holidays, but also for any “hit town”, whether it be a trip to the nearest town to buy some matches to light fire or a visit to the market. It’s the reason why the markets of Bak Ha, Sapa and others are so colorful: every ethnic group is represented here in all splendor of traditional attire. The Hmong (in China they are called Miao ) are a numerous people, but their ethnic branches are as numerous and there are White, Black, Red and even Long-haired Hmong. Each of these groups, of course, has their own unique women's headdress.Vietnam, Lao Cai.