Dyshe pa'o


These headdresses wear the Circassian women and close to them Kabardians (where it is called dysche pye). It is a high, almost conical hat of silk stretched on a solid foundation, with a little knob on top. Throughout crown the hat is decorated with lace and couched silver. Until the end of the 19th century the right to wear women's hats had only the women of princely and noble families. The dyshe pa'o of the eastern Abazins and the Kabardians were quite high. Hat’s top was crowned with a small ball woven of silver or golden braid, on the upper edge of the band were sewn silver or woven stripe of lace in the form of small balls; in rare cases in the temporal part were the same silver pendants or haberdashery. Over such caps they would usually throw a light knitted silk shawl or a scarf.