In the very heart of the Republic of Indonesia there is still a real, formally independent monarchy. The Sultan of Yogyakarta is also a hereditary governor of the province. Once Sultan Hamengkobuvono opposed ​​ the Dutch colonialists and helped the revolutionary General Sukarno and in gratitude the Sultan was allowed to continue to rule his fiefdom, to live in the palace and even keep personal guards. In the Sultanate they have unique national costumes, part of which is the blangkon headdress made of neatly interwoven pieces of batik fabric, tightly fitting head crosswise. At the back of the head the fabric is formed into a knot, symbolizing prestige of the blangkon’s owner. These are the hats worn by the local aristocrats and the security knights of the sultan's palace today. Indonesia, Java, Jogyakarta, 20th cent.