Here is an amazing example of how the name of headwear gave the name to a populated area. In the extreme west of Brittany, France live people, whose costumes and customs for centuries attracted the attention of scientists and artists, but Bigouden has become a real symbol of the Celtic identity of the local inhabitants. Once this white lace fabric cap barely rose above the head, but in the 20th century the Breton ladies began competing for height of bigouden, and by the 1940s it reached a height of 40 cm, just like the sample in my collection. Bigouden is a complex headdress, consisting of four elements: a black velvet cap on the back of the head, a cylindrical cap, its back part adjoining separately and long lacy ribbons, sometimes going down to the waist. In this headdress here a lady would not be ashamed to appear in public in the Bigouden Land! France,Brittany.